Thursday, 14 January, 2016
Caux Scholars Program photo for  right side panel of US website

We are accepting applications for our summer peacebuilding programme in Switzerland. The Caux Scholars Program (CSP) is a one month academic programme that teaches students how to be peacebuilders in every facet of their lives. Application deadline: February 19, 2016.

Tuesday, 05 January, 2016

'I am a leader not a follower', a chant by 14 Participants from South Africa and Zimbabwe who underwent the Change in Progress programme from the 4-15 December 2015, at the Golden Gate camp site, Free State Province, South Africa.

Tuesday, 05 January, 2016

In the South African newsletter find out about the articles on the violenece of todays world, Report of the Change in Progress camp and the story of Wilhelm Verwoerd.

Thursday, 12 November, 2015

in Nandi South Count in kenya, the Creators of Peace team had a follow up meeting. The area is predominantly inhabited by the Luhyas from mostly Maragoli& Tiriki, and the Kalenjin communities. These diverse group of woman appreciated Creators of Peace follow up meeting that rekindled their desire even more, to do more peace work, because to them, they believe that this is more than a responsibility; it’s a calling from God to serve.

Monday, 02 November, 2015

Kabazi is a farming area located between Nakuru and Nyahururu town. Kivumbini and Bondeni are two slum areas of Nakuru County inhabited by a diversity of tribes including the Kenyan Somalis, Kikuyus, Luos and Luhyas among many other communities. This being an area in the city, life can never be that easy as everyone is busy trying to make ends meet. Hence, little time to reflect.

Monday, 02 November, 2015
mike Muikia

The 8th October 2015 gathered together Universtity and high school students who aspire to be future media professionals. The 'Effective Living and Leadership' session focused on being a good media professional who is also a good human being and the moral + ethical challenges a media practitioner faces.

Monday, 02 November, 2015

Some members of the Creators of Peace team were invited to promote and engage with communitities by sharing their story of forgiveness and what forgiveness means to them. The radio interview was a great success and showed woman do need peace and they need Creators of Peace.

Monday, 26 October, 2015

A group of of three men and six women of which two of the men were Pastors. The participants were a mix of countryman from Congo, Zambia residing in South Africa and South Africans.

Monday, 26 October, 2015

Creators of Peace South Africa team over a period of two months, conducted five follow up meetings for previous participants who under went the Peace Circles program over the past year.

Friday, 23 October, 2015
BELIEF - Oprah Winfrey's programe

Oprah Winfrey's landmark series 'Belief' has been broadcast in the United States. The second episode, 'Love's Story', concluded with an eight minute segment on Pastor James Wuye and Imam Muhammad Ashafa - who 'come together to reconcile and to honor one of the most sacred teachings at the heart of both their faiths: love your enemies'.